Chums of The Vintage Disco admire the past whilst equally enjoying the musical sounds of now! The Vintage Disco offers a delightful tonic to musical mediocrity and rehashed rif raff, instead curating musical performances that perfectly suit the occasion, whether you want a soundtrack that is bouncy and roaring or one that is as tender as the night.

The musical magic is wrapped in an equally beautiful aesthetic from the booth right through to the DJs threads.  It combines perfect sound quality utilising both vinyl turntables along side compact diskettes with a powerful built in PA system. Our specially designed Art Deco inspired DJ Booth is easily erected in any location.

So roll up the carpet , push back the furniture and pump up the volume.. The Vintage Disco is available for:

Birthday Parties / Weddings / Launch Events / Festivals / Fashion Shows / Award Ceremonies

Lord Anthony

To tell us about your dream celebration and to discuss how The Vintage Disco might play a supporting role please contact DJ Lord Anthony on 07957 295 937 or email